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Bramley Class

Welcome to Bramley Class - Our Teachers

We are Mrs Carty and Ms Vincze and we are delighted to teach the children in Year 1 and Year 2 class in Bramley Class at Speen C of E School.

Mrs Carty teaches every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Mrs Vincze teaches Wednesday mornings, Thursdays and Fridays.

Monday PE (please wear PE kit to school)
Tuesday Spelling test
Wednesday  Story Museum visit
New spellings are brought home to learn (will also be put on Class DoJo)
Thursday  Year 1 reading books set
Friday Homework books brought home
Maths day
What we are learning this week

Overview Spring Week 7

Knowledge Organisers

Nurses of the Crimea Knowledge Organiser

RE knowledge organiser Spring Term

Science knowledge organiser - Animals including Humans

RSHE (relationship, sex and health) curriculum outline

RSHE - a guide for parents and carers leaflet

Poem of the Week

Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

 Meet the Teacher Bramley Class

Autumn Photo Gallery

Trying the vegetables we grew

Spring Photo Gallery

Easter Trail

Shrove Tuesday


Using thermometers to find the warmest place in the playground

We are actors – walking on the moon

Melting ice experiment



Summer Photo Gallery

Accordion content

Key Text Year 1 

Books for year 1 – recommended reading list

Key Text Year 2

Books for year 2 – recommended reading list

This is given out weekly and includes:

Each child in Bramley class will receive the following homework:


Year 1 will be set five spelling words each week. Please support your child in learning how to spell these words.

Year 2 will be set ten spelling words each week which they will need to learn to spell. The children will then need to choose five of these words and write the words in a full sentence in their spelling books.

Spelling books will be sent home every Wednesday and need to be returned the following Tuesday for the spelling test.

Spellings the children did not spell correctly in the test will be highlighted in pink so parents know they need to be practiced again. Please see advice on how to learn spellings in the section of the school website.


Every child will be given a piece of maths homework that reinforces what they have learnt that week. This work will be set on Friday in a homework book although it will also be placed on Class Dojo incase a child loses their book or forgets to bring it home. Homework needs to be returned by the following Thursday in order to be marked and new homework set.

Optional Foundation Subject Homework

For families who would like more homework we have set an optional homework grid (please see the attachement). There are eight activities on the grid to choose from and are all fun things that children can do independently or with the support of family.

Children can bring their work into school on a Thursday to share with their class or photograph it and upload it to Class Dojo to share.


Year 1 will be set reading books related to the phonics they are learning. These books will already be familiar to them as they have already read them in school so they can read them with confidence at home. Reading books will be changed on a Thursday so please ensure they are in your child’s book bag.

Year 2 will be set books that follow on from the phonics books. Once the book has been read confidently at home, please return it to be changed. Ideally the book should be read through at least twice. There are no set days for Year 2 to change their books.


Speen School now has access to LetterJoin, an online handwriting program. No formal homework will be set for handwriting but can be used if you would like to reinforce the handwriting lessons in school. Details of the handwriting letters the children have been practicing will be on the weekly update on the class page. Log in details have been sent to parents but please let us know if you need help.