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At Speen School, our outstanding curriculum arises from our beautiful site and village locality. Our child-centred approach to learning is built to achieve purposeful and enriching key learning outcomes. These outcomes provide each child with an exciting focus on their learning, developing skills that are necessary for today’s world and instilling a  lifelong love of learning as they progress through their educational journey. 

It is our intent for our curriculum to facilitate discovery, harnessing children’s natural curiosity in learning. Our curriculum offers pupils exciting and engaging learning experiences, which are designed to:

  • Encourage pupils to eagerly seek knowledge about the amazing world around them.
  • Help pupils to enjoy and take pride in developing skills which enable them to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.
  • Develop pupils’ individual powers of observation, discussion, reasoning and communication, especially the ability to use language and number.
  • Stimulate pupils’ appreciation of the scale and scope of human achievement, past and present (cultural capital), and to encourage them to seek, believe and achieve in the development of their own creative talents and skills.
  • Foster personal growth in our school’s values of respect, honesty, courage, compassion, responsibility and family, to equip pupils to live lives as confident and competent individuals, able to make informed and reasoned choices for themselves, developing healthy relationships, having a high regard for the needs of others.

Please see our full Curriculum Policy for further details. Also, see the documents below for details of individual subjects.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Whole School Topic Overview

Subject Specific Overviews


Computing intent, implementation and impact

Computing progression of skills

Online safety progression map of skills and knowledge

Computing progression of knowledge

Online Safety - Project Evolve

As part of our Computing Curriculum, we use a comprehensive scheme of work to teach aspects of Online Safety explicitly throughout the year. Project Evolve is an online based scheme of work which is constantly 'evolving' to ensure the online safety messages that children and young people are being taught are delivered in a way that is more appropriate; more meaningful; that encourages reflection; that generates positive outcomes and are updating regularly to reflect the changing world. 

Online Safety content is separated into eight strands which are taught throughout the year covering everything from online relationships to copyright and ownership.  


At Speen School, we deliver our PSHE/RSHE through a programme called Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a complete scheme of work for PSHE covering the entire PSHE curriculum for primary children 4 – 11. Jigsaw’s philosophy is about inclusion and valuing all children which links perfectly with our values here at Speen School.

Recently, the Department for Education (DfE) have made the Relationships and Health Education aspect of PSHE compulsory in all Primary Schools.

To support our delivery of a PSHE curriculum which encompasses the new requirements regarding Relationships, Sex and Health Education, we will continue using Jigsaw. Jigsaw lessons will take place weekly.

Helpful Documents

RSHE DFE Guidance

RSHE - A guide for parents and carers


PSHE progression of knowledge and vocabulary

PSHE progression of skills

PSHE intent, implementation and impact


Science Rationale
At Speen School, we nurture the natural curiosity of our children and shape it into scientific enquiry. We scaffold learning and skills so that children develop their understanding of the world around them and develop the confidence to explore, collect evidence and test their own hypothesis. Our pupils love to spend their time in our uniquely beautiful and inspiring setting. Their opportunities to understand and explore the world around us as well as develop scientific skills are extensive, whether it is listening for different sounds, searching for mini beasts within our home-designed ‘Bugingham Palace’, sensory garden or pond area, or observing the changing seasons within our natural environment.

Science Progression of Knowledge

Science Progression of Skills

Science intent, implementation and impact

Policies connected to the curriculum 

PHSE / RSHE Policy

Assessment Policy

EYFS Policy

Marking Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Home Learning Policy September 2023

Phonics Policy September 2023